Harty Hooks

'Harty Hooks' are beautiful, handcrafted crochet hooks, each one being totally unique....there will never be two the same!  The handle is crafted from durable polymer clay, which is not only very comfortable, especially for those suffering from Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but also ensures that the handle maintains a normal temperature.  Nothing worse than a hook that's too hot or too cold!!!

The handle comes up nice and high, and there is a flatter area where the thumb naturally sits ensuring that these stunning hooks can be used for hours on end in complete comfort.  Hook sizes are stamped or etched onto the hook base for easy reference.

They are also incredibly robust as well as gorgeous to look at!  The handles can be embellished with tiny, flat beads, and can also be made in varying grip sizes.  

Available from Fleabub's online shop